Unveils Its Comprehensive Monthly Update for JANUARY 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of website development, staying updated with the latest trends is crucial., a renowned WordPress theme detector and a rich repository of WordPress website examples, has just rolled out its newest monthly update for January 2024. This update is not just a regular addition; it’s a leap in the detailed cataloging and analysis of WordPress themes and plugins.

Major Milestones Achieved

  1. Launch of Monthly Update Series: Starting May 2023, will introduce a regular monthly update feature. This initiative is aimed at keeping WordPress enthusiasts and developers abreast of the latest themes and plugins in the market.
  2. Extensive Database Analysis: The update is backed by a comprehensive analysis of an impressive 2,022,480 WordPress websites. This extensive study forms the backbone of the update, ensuring that the insights provided are both relevant and extensive.
  3. Discovery of New Themes: A remarkable number of 6,122 new themes were detected in January alone, pushing the total count of themes in Themetix’s collection to a staggering 646,144. This vast collection is a testament to the diversity and dynamism of the WordPress ecosystem.
  4. Expansion of Plugin Collection: The update also includes the detection of over 14,000 new plugins. With this, Themetix’s plugin collection has reached a new milestone, now hosting 100,098 plugins in total, catering to a wide range of functionalities and user needs.

Top Themes of January 2024

The update also highlights the themes that have seen significant adoption in January 2024:

  • Divi Theme: Leading the pack, Divi has been added to 48,153 websites, up from 44,910 in December 2023. This increase of 3,243 new websites underscores Divi’s popularity and versatility.
  • Astra Theme: A consistent favorite, Astra has been added to 14,864 new websites, a substantial increase from its 12,250 count in December 2023.
  • OceanWP Theme: With an addition of 808 new websites, increasing its tally from 2,667 in December 2023 to 3,485, OceanWP continues to be a preferred choice for many.
  • Flatsome Theme: Matching OceanWP’s growth, Flatsome has also been added to 808 new websites, bringing its total to 6,735, up from 6,083 in December 2023.
  • Be Theme: This theme saw an addition of 610 websites, growing from 14,613 in December 2023 to 15,223 in January 2024.

Forward-Looking and User-Focused

This update from is more than just numbers. It’s a reflection of the ongoing changes and preferences in the WordPress community. By providing detailed insights into the most used themes and plugins, continues to be a valuable resource for developers, designers, and website owners.

With its commitment to regular updates and comprehensive analysis, is poised to remain a key player in the world of WordPress theme detection and a go-to destination for those seeking insightful WordPress website examples. Stay tuned for more updates as continues to explore and expand the horizons of WordPress possibilities.

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